"A new perspective - fast. fun. simple. An easy way to connect to each story and yet keep your mind flowing with the stories." - Jerry P

"This is a lovely book that takes you through the Old Testament with poetry. It is certainly enjoyable reading the Old Testament as poetry. It provides a different way of looking at these familiar texts. Not only does the author put these writings to poetry there are wonderful readings she has inserted to elaborate on our precious God and His people. I found this book to be an encouragement in my life and I think if you read it you will also find encouragement. The author expresses truths that are very uplifting and touch the heart. For anyone who finds wading through the Scrpitures tedious I think you will discover pleasure in reading the Old Testament in this format. After reading this you will have a different view of God. I found comfort in perusing this and got the motivation to pick myself up and keep running the race. God is in control." - Nannaleigh1110

"Would you like to read the Old Testament and have a better understanding of the whole story in a reasonable amount of time? The Bible in Poetry allows you to do just this! This would be a great book for a group Bible study and would also make a great Christmas gift for seasoned and new Christians. I highly recommend it! It's just one more way for me to stay in the Word!" - Renee S

"I enjoyed reading this book. I enjoyed the relaxing feel of reading The Bible in Poetry. Instead of reading the Bible as part of a bible study, this felt more like a casual reading that allowed for a different level of understanding... 
I found the author's poetry to be beautiful and easy to understand...
Overall, I enjoyed reading The Bible in Poetry and I will probably reread sections. I would recommend this to someone who is looking for a casual way to read a summary of the Bible in an easy to read form." - Nicole L

"Teresa is quite talented. I really love the poetry and the beautiful rhyme." - Linda G

The Bible in Poetry is amazing!!! It is so refreshing to be able to read entire Old Testament books in summary form and a special treat to have it in poetry! I can't wait for the next volume!! - Betty G

This is an easy to read book.   I loved it!! - Julie P